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Energy medicine, more commonly known as Energywork, is a therapy that involves several tools and techniques to ultimately bring about balance and healing to the electromagnetic and bioenergetic fields of energy surrounding and being emitting from the physical body.

These fields are more commonly seen and discussed as a collective whole, and referred to as The Aura.

The aura is, among many things, a report of your wellbeing at this moment.

It gives indications of physical wellbeing, mental relaxation or stresses, emotional clarity or blockages, and even spiritual dealings and growth.

It is a bio-magnetic field comprised of several layers of photon particles.

The aura comes in variety of colors and sizes.

                                                               Example of the Human Aura:


                              The Human Aura and the Chakras, with their corresponding colors and location within the body


The field of energy is also comprised of 7 major energy centers or nexus called thr Chakras.

Chakra means “wheel” or “circle” and each is a center of energy that has different correspondences and functions.

Having healthy functioning chakras can lead to healthy thinking, emotional equanimity, financial abundance, intuitive awareness, as well as overall wellbeing.


The Seven main Chakras (energy centers) and a few of their functions:

Root or Base Chakra-

Located at the groin area or base of the spine

Responsible for family dynamics, physical needs, steadiness, groundedness, physical motivation and responsibilities, physical action.

Physically:  Bones, Feet, Legs, Rectum

Sacral or Spleen Chakra-

Located at the navel and lower back

Responsible for emotional wellbeing, creativity, sexual expression, emotional communication, instinct, primal intuition, joy, intimacy, community.

Physically:  Reproductive organs, Digestive system 

Solar Plexus Chakra-

Located at the solar plexus nerve center

Responsible for clarity of mind, decision making, habitual mind, honoring oneself, boundaries, self-investment, financial wellbeing, power, strength, ideas and mental insights.

Physically:  Neuro-Muscular system, Diabetes, Metabolism


Heart Chakra-

Located at the center of the chest

Responsible for Love. Love being an emotion, as well as an action. Love is beautifully diverse. Romantic love, Self-love, Platonic love, familial love as well as love and harmony among co-workers, employers, love for animals and pets, and the various and different versions of love.

Physically: Heart, Respiratory system


Throat Chakra-

Located at the front of the base of the throat

Responsible for Willingness, Surrender, Self-Expression, clear communication, “finding ones voice”, faith, honesty, and intuitive listening.

Physically: Throat, larynx, esophagus, mouth, teeth

Brow or Third Eye Chakra-

Located at the forehead

Responsible for Truth, Intuition, Psychic energy, imagination, perception, Divine insights, Spiritual contemplation, and wisdom.

Physically: Sensory Organs, Brain, Head, Nervous System

Crown Chakra-

Located at the top or crown of the head

Responsible for Grace, Mercy, Unity, Divine Connection, Sacredness, Innocence, Solace, Divine Purpose, Enlightenment, and Ultimate Realization.

Physically: Mind, Thought patterns, synapsis, Neurochemistry 


Knowing that everything is energy, clearing, repairing and healing the auric field can help one:

  • Heal physical ailments
  • Release and let go of emotional blockages such as hurt, distress, depression, anger, etc.,
  • Bring about a higher level of intuition and spiritual clarity.

Several tools/techniques are implemented to achieve these results depending on what the client is wanting to achieve.

In an energy session with Frank, the client comes in and spends a few minutes talking with Frank about what prompted this appointment. Energywork can assist in all matters as everything is energy.


Situations that may prompt one to seek Energywork:

I’ve tried to lose weight my entire life and want resolution with that.

I’ve been betrayed by so many relationships in this life and I want to clear that out.

I am trying to open up psychically and I want help listening to my guides and angels.

I have had bad bosses and I want to manifest a job tat sees my value and skills.

I have headaches and stomach pain and want clarity and healing around this issue.

I want to be open to find my purpose in this life



Before beginning the session, Frank will psychically tune in and then tell you whatever feedback he is given,. as well as what he is receiving that needs to be cleared and worked on.

You will then lie down on the massage table. Feel free to close your eyes, meditate, pray, or even open your eyes and ask questions. This is your time for you. 

Using various tools, Frank allows universal energy to flow into you and bring about the highest good for you.

Some tools he commonly uses are crystals and minerals, essential oils, sound tools such as Tibetan singing bowls or tuning forks, solfeggio sound frequencies, and color therapy lighting.





In most sessions, crystals are placed on the front part of the body where the major chakra centers are located. 

If essential oils are used, the oil is used in the form of aromatherapy, so no oil will be used directly on your body, but will function through scent. 

Sound therapy can create harmonious and dissonant sounds depending on if there is a need for something to be amplified or broken down and cleared. Frank uses a variety of sound instruments such as brass bowls, tuning forks, and solfeggio frequencies to shift and bring about clarity and wellbeing.

In addition to working with various tools, Frank works with his personal team of guides and angels as well as in conjunction with your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors, to be guided as to what most needs to be done.

When the 'healing' part of the session is over, Frank will annotate any tools and techniques he used so you can further research them if you wish. He will also give you a briefing and walk-through of what he found, did, and any steps for you to take in moving forward. 

Ultimately the goal is to move you forward in your life and your body to the goals you envision for yourself. Energywork works to bring you into alignment and harmony not just with those around you but really with the whole of life itself.

When scheduling a session, it may be helpful to have an idea of what things in your life you would like to improve and lighten. 

Remember, everything is Love, so ask yourself, "What things do I want to see as more loving?"


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