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......... a place of Transformation, Change, and Metamorphosis

Welcome old friends and new to The Spirit Chrysalis!  I'd like to share with you why I've chosen this beautiful and interesting name for my site.

One thing I have noticed in life is that change is constant. Whether it’s a five minute conversation with someone at the grocery store, a longtime friendship with someone, or even spending a few minutes alone with yourself in silence, we are changing from moment to moment.  One cannot stop these changes any more than one can stop the tides in the ocean or the seasons of the earth.  It's a part of natural life.  Yet most of us are apprehensive of change.  In response, our spirit leads us to situations and people to assist with our growth and our awakening.

To look at a butterfly is to look at a "biological miracle", as Dr. Lincoln P. Brower, of Sweet Briar College describes.  A young caterpillar will pass through several instars, or stages, to form its chrysalis, allowing the imaginal disks to transform its physical form, and then finally emerge as its magnificent self.  Vertebrates never go through such a transformation like this physically...but do we do this spiritually?  Absolutely.

Through the work I have done, the readings, sessions, and healing work, I have witnessed a transformation in people when they allow their spirit to emerge within their lives and take over, creating their own personal, spiritual metamorphosis.

I have always wanted to offer a place where one can learn, become more open, be awakened, and transformed, and this is why The Spirit Chrysalis was born.  It is my hope that here along with my best friend and colleague Peggy, you will find the tools and resources for spiritual transformation.  I hope my gifts of intuition and mediumship not only bring healing into your life, but bring about the change that you are hoping for in your heart of hearts to emerge.  

Welcome to The Spirit Chrysalis, a sanctuary where your own spirit leads the change that you were destined for.


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