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As Nashville is rolling out our 4 phases of roadmap to reopening, we are abiding by Mayor Cooper's policies and adding some additional safety precautions.  Along with these, we also want to give you the option, if it better suits you, to switch your in-office Reading appointment to a ZOOM or phone session. We want the best for all involved and hold energy for healing and wellness for not just Frank's clients but also their loved ones.

The following policies will be implemented for in-office appointments:

  • Please wear a face mask as you come into the building and as you exit through the foyer.
  • Frank will open his office door and let you into his office. 
  • For your protection, Frank will also be wearing a mask when he greets you. 
  • Masks may be taken off once inside Frank’s office, The Spirit Chrysalis, as chairs will be distanced from each other.
  • Remain at a 6-foot distance and practice proper social distancing.
  • Once your session is complete, you both will put on your masks and Frank will open the office door for you to leave.  
  • As we all know, Frank is a big hugger but unfortunately in keeping with social distancing, he will not be hugging or shaking hands.
  • Frank will not be using his regular chairs as they are cloth chairs. In lieu of these, he will be using chairs he can properly wipe down between readings.

We realize that some of these policies may seem excessive but to ensure proper safety for himself, his clients, as well as their families, proper measures are being put in place.

Again, we want you to feel safe and well and if you would like to change your appointment to a ZOOM or phone session, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. We thank you for your time and kindness and hope that you enjoy your session.

In Peace and Loving Kindness,
          Frank and The Spirit Chrysalis Family



For your energy session Frank wants you to feel completely comfortable! If you choose, you may remove your face mask once you’re situated on the massage table, or you may choose to leave it on, whichever gives you the most comfort.  Frank will be keeping his on for your safety.

He will also be washing his hands and using hand sanitizer. 

If you prefer that he not use any ‘hands on’ techniques for your session, he can beam the energy while maintaining a 3-4ft distance.  Again, however you are most comfortable!

If you feel you may not be completely comfortable keeping your session as scheduled, we’ll be happy to reschedule for a time when you may feel more at ease with the closer contact. We’re not yet able to offer a date as the situation is still changing.  

Should you prefer, you may also change your energy session to a 60 Min In-office reading, or a 60 min reading via Zoom or phone.

Above all, your comfort, peace of mind, and well being are of utmost importance to Frank!

Please let us know your preference for your upcoming Energy Session, and we'll make any adjustments as necessary.

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