Mar 23, 2016

Full Moon Blessings Everyone! And not just any full moon, an eclipse in Libra!

How exciting! A penumbral eclipse is an eclipse that is not in totality. It is neither completely bright nor is it completely dark, thus it has a mediative energy, a crossing, if you will, between two worlds. This type of eclipse bridges two worlds and what's most amazing is that this moon is in Light and Lofty Libra, while the Sun, the moon’s counterpart, is in Fiery, Feisty Aries. SO what does this all mean.....

The question to truly ask is "Does my outside match my inside?"

Does my external world, my physical life, my friendship circles, my loving support system, etc. match and reflect my inner self, my values, my beliefs, my unique expression? Libra’s Eclipse bridges the external world to the internal reality and allows us to become clear about what's really going on in our lives. Libra gives us the clarity of thought, the balance between the mind and heart, and the beauty of movement to navigate these rough waters of changing the external world. Then, the power of the Sun in Action Aries, gives us the courage and motivation to change our lives.

Let's be clear about the fact that the outside should match the inside, not the other way around. Many times, we change our lives to match the external world. Drink this drink because the commercial tells us to, go to dinner with them because that's what is expected of me, keep those friends because that's the social circle I'm supposed to have, grow my hair out because that's the trend I'm seeing everyone, wear that flannel because it's what's in style, etc. Now is the time to tune in, REALLY tune in, to your true self, your inner reality, your eternal unchangeable spirit, and connect, learn, and create the shifts in your lives that truly honor who you really are.

What an exciting time! What a time to stand up for what and who you are!

So, does your life clearly reflect who you are? And how can you best change it so that it does.

Perhaps these upcoming events can help you.....
See you soon, friends!
Frank and Peggy



Unity of Music City 4319 Saundersville Rd, Old Hickory, TN 37138
April 2nd, 2016; 10a-2p, Free Admission!
Frank will be offering discounted 15min readings for $35! We are accepting advance appointments for this event now! To schedule, please email us at with “Festival Appt” in the subject line.
Stay until 3p and be part of the largest Human Peace Symbol in Nashville!

A VIBRANT AURA! Tools for Healing
The Spirit Chrysalis, 3908 Gallatin Pike, Nashville TN, 37216
April 12th, 2016; 6:30p
with Frank Castellano
Learn to use crystals, oils, sound, color, and other tools to tune into and heal the aura. We'll learn techniques to open chakras, clear debris, detox the aura, and even how to shift the color vibration of the aura!
Limited seating, Reserve your space now! Email with “A Vibrant Aura” in the subject line.
$30; Class will be 60-90 mins

2016 GALACTIC EXPO presented by Cosmic Connections
The Fairgrounds Nashville, 500 Wedgewood Ave Nashville TN 37203
Sat, May 14 10a – 7p & Sun, May 15, 10a – 5p
Frank will be offering 15 min Readings both days, and a group mediumship reading, “Communicating Through the Veil, on Sunday at 10:45a! Tickets for the group reading may be purchased at the expo the day of the event. ($10)
We will not be taking advance appointments for Frank’s readings at the expo this year. Appointments will be taken on a first come, first served basis.
This will be our 10th year participating in the Expo, such a fun and exciting event! Thank you for all of your support over these years! We would love to see everyone! Find complete info for the Galactic Expo here:

The Spirit Chrysalis, 3908 Gallatin Pike, Nashville TN, 37216
May 19th, 2016; 6:30p
with Frank Castellano
Come in comfortable clothing, and be ready to breathe deep, open up, and meet your spiritual team. You will be taken through guided meditations and visualization to meet your Spirit Guides, awaken your innate psychic nature, and much more!
Bring a meditation pillow if you wish.
Class size is limited, Reserve your space now! Please email with “Meditations for Psychic Attunement” in the subject line.
$30; Class will be 60-90 mins

Aromagregory, 223 Donelson Pike Nashville 37214, sponsored by Gnosis Emporium
Admission is FREE!
Saturday, June 11, 2016; 11a – 9p
Frank will be available for 15 min Readings for $35, and will also be giving a class: “The Moon and You!” A short talk on Stregoneria. FREE!
We’ll be taking advance appointments for readings as soon as we hear from the event coordinators as to the time Frank’s class will be held.
More info on the Tennesse Folk Magic Fest will be coming soon!

Thanks everyone! Hope to see you soon!

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