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Jan 13, 2016

2016 The Year of Real Value - The Value of What is Real

"God With Us"

What a blessing it is to be alive, everyone! What a gift life is! I know sometimes it doesn't always feel like it, as if we're standing on the ocean’s shore and being hit from all directions by one wave or another. For many of you, this is what 2015 was like. 2015 was a year of high emotional difficulties and trials, but like all things, we grow, we learn, and we expand. That's what we do, that's why we are here on earth.

Before I go on and talk about 2016, please let me touch upon the subject of enlightenment and awakenings. Many of us seem to think that as we awaken and become more aware, that somehow life is magically going to fix itself and things will become better. That when our chakras activate and energy is beaming through us, auras expanding, meridians are healing, and we are filled with love, that somehow it's going to be easier. Sorry to tell you beloved friends, but that's not always the case. In fact, it's usually the opposite. The more awake we become, the more aware we are of the suffering and struggles around us. The more sensitive we become, the more we are able to take our place as healers and compassionate beings. How else can one help if one cannot feel the need to which we're being drawn? Just as our body indicates pain when there is misalignment, Spirit allows “negativities” so that we may learn, heal, and grow, not just ourselves, but each other. (I say “negativities” in quotation marks because in truth, there is no positive, nor negative; things simply just are.)

With that being said, please understand that the struggles we faced in 2015 were for our growth, as always. And just as we grew then, we step into 2016 and continue to grow. BUT, this year has a different vibration. This year is both easier and more difficult at the same time because this year the very thing that will be affected will be the very thing we cling on to....our Money.

First, let me tell you that although money is very, very important in order for us to go through our daily lives, money is simply a manifest form of energy, just like anything else. But money is a form of our own personal identity, subconsciously as well as consciously. Just as Johnathan Randolph Price states, money is an acronym for My Own Natural Energy Yield. M.O.N.E.Y.

Our relationship to money and finances is a mirror for how we see ourselves. For some, when we think of money, we get excited, feeling that it means value, security, community, even power. To others, when thinking about money, they feel worry, anxiety, sorrow, and depletion.

It is not always about how much money we have, but often that does factor greatly into our feelings around money. There are people who are wealthy and still feel nervous and anxious about having enough money, and there are others who don't have much money at all, yet do not worry about how it comes in. So it's not always about how much of it you have, but more about your belief around money and how it correlates to you. We tend to believe we have to earn money or struggle for it. We have beliefs around the negative nature of it. We sometimes feel like we aren't valued, and thus, our jobs or employers won't pay us more.

Money is a tool to give you insight about you! About self love. And about love and compassion for others.

With each new year, I tend to see the energy of that year through my first sessions, as well as by simply listening to Spirit and paying attention. My first 7 sessions of the year went extensively into money. I also found a guy’s wallet outside a restaurant. In addition to all of this, I've seen changes in my own life pertaining to money, as well as in the lives of friends and loved ones around me. Not to mention the fact that the lottery is at the highest it's ever been. The energy is swirling!

So why money? Because honestly, this is a wake up call...a call for action. An action for compassion, an action for re-identification, and an action for surrender. And to be surprised in the best ways! Let's say for example... FOR EXAMPLE.... there is no God....that there isn't a Being that is going to save us. Then if there isn't that Being, then whom? .....the answer: Each Other. That is what Emmanuel means. That God is with us, not only in Spirit and the unseen, but also as each other. Spirit is teaching us to love each other and to support each other through the process that is life.

In days of old, when we lived in tribes, no one person did it all. One’s strengths complemented others' "weaknesses" and vice versa. The same energy is on the rise this year meaning you don't have to do it all and you don't have to do it alone. If you are not the greatest at organization, allow someone to help with that. And you may help them with your people skills, or cooking talents, or the many gifts that you're blessed with. In this sense, when we help each other, we help ourselves. When we heal each other, we heal the w-hole.

Understand that God is simply giving us an opportunity to grow, as well as to realize how loved we are. As we shift through our job positions, career fields, budgets, and other financial areas, we will see glimpses of Spirit in the easiness and small miracles that happen. You are loved beyond belief. This is exactly what we are here to learn: How loved we are and how loving we can be for each other.

Love and Peace,

And on that note here are some fabulous classes coming up that may help you with your path:

DISCOVERING LIGHT HEALING, The Principals of Chromotherapy
Instructor: Frank Castellano
Thursday January 28th; 6:30p; Investment $20 (cash only please, payable at door)
Location: The Spirit Chrysalis, 3908 Gallatin Pike, Nashville

Light and Color play a huge role in our lives, from the colors we wear and how they make us feel, to the colors that we choose around us in decor and foods, to using color in spirituality and visualization. Learning how colors affect us and shift our energy can help us heal, grow, awaken, and comfort us. We'll learn the basics of using color and different tools and techniques for application. Discover the secret of color and light!

By Reservation Only, as seating is limited. To reserve your seat, please email with "Class" in subject line. Include the name of the class, your name, phone number, and # of seats desired, in the email. Thanks!

(Reiki II)
Instructors: Reiki Master Teachers Frank Castellano and Peggy Spencer

Class Date:
Saturday, Feb 20, 2016; 9a -5p

Demonstration of Reiki Level I Proficiency:
Friday, Feb 12, 2016
(See webpage at link below for explanation)

Location: TBD, based on class size
(Usually Nashville area)

Registration Deadline:
February 10, 2016

For complete details including prerequisites and registration form, please see our webpage:


Instructors: Frank Castellano and Peggy Spencer
Saturday, Jan 30
Time: 10:00a
Location: The Spirit Chrysalis, 3908 Gallatin Pike, Nashville, TN
$40 (cash please, payable at door)

This class is only for students registering to take our Reiki II course in February, though it is not required. We will cover the basics of giving a Reiki treatment and reviewing the techniques for the Demonstration of Reiki Level I Proficiency. We will not be reteaching the entire Reiki I course, but covering those techniques you'll be demonstrating on Feb 12. The class usually lasts 2-3 hours, depending on number of students and questions asked.

Registration is not required, but it would be greatly appreciated if you would let us know you'll be attending so we can plan accordingly. Thanks!


One last note: For those who schedule appointments with Frank, he will soon be accepting cash, checks, or money orders only, as payment for his sessions. Once this is in effect, payment instructions will be given along with the appointment confirmation.

Appointments are scheduled by form through our website:

Many thanks to each of you! We hope your 2016 is off to a fabulous start! (and that you're keeping warm!)

With much love and gratitude,
Frank and Peggy

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