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As Above, So Below-The Principle of Correspondence

Jun 9, 2015

Beloved Spirits

I hope this finds you well and I hope you've been kind to yourself during this Mercury retrograde. It goes direct the 11th, so only a few days from now but the energies take a few days after to disperse. Be clear with your intentions. Be compassionate with your words and deeds. Bring love and truth to all you do. But be ready to clear and be open to what Spirit guides you to do.

The New Moon that is coming up on the 16th is in Gemini, and the Sun will still be in Gemini, thus bringing humanity into perfect alignment with the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence. This Principle, stated simply, is "As Above, So Below". The story behind the Gemini twins, Castor and Pollux, is one of comfortability, negotiation, balance, and ascension.

Although Pollux and Castor are considered twin brothers, Pollux, being fathered by Zeus, was immortal, and Castor's father was mortal, thus making Castor able to die.

The inseparable brothers, having had many heroic adventures, tempted fate and at some point they realized Castor's impending death. This led Pollux to make a plea to Zeus to grant him mortality, thus enabling him to die with his brother.

Seeing compassion and the willingness to sacrifice his life for the whole, Zeus decided to allow the brothers to remain together, eternal yet not mortal, ascending them among the stars to forever be united.

This story teaches us to ask ourselves, what are we willing to sacrifice for the greater good in our lives? What thoughts, actions, relationship, ideas, objects, etc. are we comfortable with, so much so, that they hinder us from our spiritual growth? How do we ascend to a higher level of consciousness? What are the heavy emotional and mental states we are willing to give up to gain apotheosis?

This is exactly what this New Moon is bringing: An opportunity to clear both physical objects and our mental and emotional associations with them, to gain our true selves. Burn those old pictures of your ex and with it any negative emotions associated with them and bring peace to your life. Let go of your old clothing that only makes you feel weighed down. Clear the physical (Castor), and the mental/emotional (Pollux) to experience your own ascension. As above, So Below. Letting your dual sides harmonize and become one, just as the two brothers united in the sky. Just as our Moon and Sun will unite in the same constellation.

With all that said, here are a few classes coming up. Be at peace beloved ones, and bring joy, love, clarity, and truth, to all you do.

The Spirit Chrysalis

Crossing Over: Life on the Otherside
Wednesday June 10th 6:00pm Investment: $20
Join us in this insightful seminar with Psychic Medium Frank Castellano as we delve into the world of Spirit. What happens when we leave physical form? In fact, what happens before we come into the physical? How do other dimensions and realities play into "our" other side and what is our life after this one? Bring questions and be ready to be enveloped into the world of Spirit.

Tools for Psychic Development and Healing
Wednesday June 24th 6:00pm Investment: $20
Throughout history and time, people have used tools to divine the future, communicate into the unseen, and navigate through hardships. You will discover a plethora of tools that will help you to awaken your psychic mind and increase your intuition.

Magickal Crystals
Wednesday July 1st 6:00pm Investment: $20
Crystals and Minerals can assist in astral projections, financial abundance, physical health and beauty, and spiritual revelations. Come and discover which crystals are best for you and how you can use them to enhance your life and elevate your consciousness

The above classes are by reservation only. To reserve your seat, please send an email to with the name of the class in the subject line.

Minimum of four students required for each class.

Payment will be collected during the class. Cash only please.

The Innerspace: Psychic Development Level I - 6 week course
Learn how to tune into your own psychic abilities. Awaken your intuitive mind and communicate to your guides, angels, loved ones, and others. This is a dedicated six session course to activate and awaken your psychic mind and field.

Each class is 6:00pm – 7:30pm

Tuesday, July 14th
Wednesday, July29th
Wednesday, Aug 12th
Wednesday, Aug 26th
Wednesday, Sept 9th
Wednesday, Sep 23rd

Investment: $120 , due by Friday, July 10th.
Minimum of six students required for this course.
Registration is required for this course. Last day to register is July 10th.
No refunds will be given once the course begins.

Register for this course by sending an email to with the “The Innerspace” in the subject line.

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