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We're Pre-Booking for Frank's Expo Appointments!

May 4, 2015

Hi Everyone!

We’re so excited about participating in the Galactic Expo next weekend, May 16 & 17! We’ll be in our usual space, Booth #48 and looking forward to seeing many familiar faces, as well as new ones!

For many of you who have tried to get an appointment with Frank at the expo, you know how difficult that can be. Even though Frank reads the entire weekend, breaking only for lunch and one 30 min break each day, the 50 +/- appointments he has available are never enough. Some of you have learned over the years that you need to be there at opening to get an appointment for the weekend. It has become extremely hectic at opening, and almost dangerous, while everyone is rushing to our booth. Often you have been met with disappointment to find that all appointments for the day are filled and only Sunday appointments are available, or that Frank has booked up for the entire weekend.

Because we do not want any of you wonderfully loyal friends to be disappointed, we are making a change to our scheduling procedure this year and have made the decision to pre-book all Expo appointments! There will be no appointments available at the show. As we are anticipating more demand than spots available, we will pre-book the appointments as follows:

(Please be sure to read carefully)

1. Please email us at with your full name, and your appointment preference: Saturday or Sunday, or if you can be available either day. One appointment request per person, please. We will not be able to honor specific time requests.

2. We will accept appointment requests until 10:00am, Tuesday, May 12th.

3. We will then put all names received by the deadline into a basket and draw for each day’s appointments.

4. The names of all who are drawn for appointments will be notified by email on Tuesday, May 12th with their appointment day and time. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR EMAIL NLT THAN WEDNESDAY MORNING! You will have until noon on Thursday, May 14th, to confirm your appointment by email. If we have not heard from you by then, the appointment will be reopened and offered to the next person on the waiting list.

5. Those not being drawn for an appointment will be notified by email by Wed, May 13th that they are on our waiting list, and have been added in the order drawn.

6. AT THE EXPO: The day of your appointment you MUST check in at our booth (#48) at least ONE HOUR PRIOR to your appointment time and let us know you are there and available. Payment for your reading will be collected at this time. Cash only, please. There is an ATM on the grounds. If you have not checked in and paid for your reading an hour before your scheduled appointment, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR SPOT. No exceptions.

7. Appointments not confirmed by check in time will be offered to those on our waiting list. (Remember: CHECK IN ONE HOUR PRIOR TO YOUR APPOINTMENT!)

8. If you are on our waiting list, be sure to let us know if you’re at the expo and available for any no-shows or cancellations we may have. We’ll take your phone number and call if there’s an opening!

Vendors and show volunteers who are already there when the show opens will be assigned the first two appointments each day. This means there is plenty of time when the doors open for you to get to the booth to confirm your appointment. No need to rush. :)

Frank’s Expo appointments are 15 min / $60. He will not be offering recordings this year as he has changed from cassette tapes to CD’s now! At the show, his appointments are back to back so he can see as many of you as possible. He does not have the 2 minutes required between appointments to burn the recording. You are welcome to record your session on your phone or on your own recording device.

At this year’s show, Frank will also be doing a group mediumship, “Communicating Through the Veil”, on Sunday at 10:45am in Room B. So many of you have requested this, and we're excited to finally have it on the expo schedule! Frank will be delivering messages from friends and loved ones who have passed. Tickets are $10. While the show does not offer advance ticket sales or reservations for these seminars, you may purchase your ticket on Saturday during show hours, or on Sunday at 10am when the show opens. This event usually sells out, so we recommend getting your tickets as early as possible to be sure you get a seat!

Thank you all for your wonderful support at the expo over the years! We look forward to seeing you there each year, and though many years it’s been a bit chaotic at our booth, we hope by pre-booking we have more free time to answer your questions and just catch up!

The show has expanded this year and there will be TWO halls filled with vendors and service providers. Also TWO seminar rooms! Most of the seminars are FREE with your admission ticket! Complete details and a coupon for $1 off admission are at this link:

Looking forward to hearing from you! And please remember, if you receive an appointment, you will need to confirm by email, and then check in with us ONE HOUR BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME!! Have we stressed that enough?? :)

Thanks Everyone!
We love you!!

Peggy and Frank

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