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Why is Frank talking about Halloween in April?!?

Apr 28, 2015

Ahhh Spring! A time of beauty. The air seems fresher, the birds are
singing, plants are growing, and the unseen world of spirits is more
visible. Wait.....what?!? No, that's Halloween, not Spring! Well, actually,
it IS! So why is Frank talking about Halloween in the Spring?

Halloween has historically been a time when the veil between worlds grows
thin. Communication between realms, a time of magic and open doors, is
present. This is because Halloween as we know it now, is based on the
ancient feast of Samhain, which is traditionally celebrated when the Sun is
15 degrees in Scorpio. During this astrological event, the dimensional
walls that keep realities separated are thinned. This allows us to
penetrate our own dimensions of all our other lives, gaining access to more
of who we are, more knowledge of our other lives, more communication with
beings not yet physically visible, and a clearer path for intentional
creation and manifestation.

Great, right? But, again why are we talking about this now?

Well, because this actually happens twice a year. In addition to Samhain, it also
happens when the Sun is 15 degrees in Taurus, traditionally known as May Day or Beltane.
Although we usually celebrate this event May 1st, the event actually occurs May 6th.
It is interesting to note that both dates, Oct 31st and May 1st, are celebrated worldwide,
even though every country and region has different beliefs and traditions. This is because
there is something inherent in human knowledge that leads us to know that these
dates are somehow very important.

May Day, or Beltane, is typically known as a Celtic Fire Festival and recognized and
celebrated by the dancing of the may pole. It is also known by other names, such as
Walpurgisnacht, ( in Germany, Irminden
in Bulgaria, Kevadpüha in Estonia, Lei Day in Hawaii, Flores de Mayo in Mexico
and the Philippines.

Knowing that this is a very important and powerful day of converging
energies, why is it important now? This is the first thinning since the
completion of the Uranus-Pluto Square, and gives us an opportunity to live
in full truth, full authenticity, and reveal who we really are and what we
came here to do. The gates are fully open now to celebrate our divinity as well
as amplify our inner-light and light the fires of our creations. See, we are
creating either consciously or by default, but this gives us an opportunity
to create ‘intentionally’ in huge ways and converge not just our
Spiritual-Physical energy, but other Spiritual gifts and energies from
other dimensions and realms. Also making this a perfect time to
divine. To tune into our messages from Spirit.

Example, let's say you are a writer and want to write a good fiction book.
This is a time for allowing the convergence of energies to bring
inspiration for the next great American Novel, to connect to the right book
designer, clear the path to the big publisher of your dreams, and to
vision, clear, and manifest the path of greatness for your creation!

This is partially why there is so much turbulence in many of our lives
right now. It is shaking up what is not authentic and letting it fall to
the wayside so that what is true and clear in our lives can amplify.

The best way to connect to May Day or Beltane energies and harmonize with
them is simply by connecting to the natural world. Be in nature. Listen to
nature sounds around you, or play them on your musical devices. Drink a
cup of herbal tea (tisane), stop and smell the roses, meditate. One of my
favorite ways to connect to nature when I’m not able to be out in it is to
have a cup of Lemongrass tea. Lemongrass is cleansing and assists in
connecting to our intuitive nature and abilities. Also, be mindful of any hurts you
may carry. Allow yourself to drop any resentments, anger, sadness, and grudges.
These only harm you. Perhaps creating a ritual of writing what you release
from within yourself, and burning the paper, then sitting for a few moments
and affirming that which is true in your life and affirming what is being
made manifest as well. And always remember, when someone hurts you, its
never about you. It's about them. Forgive. In this time of healthy
boundaries, self-respect, and power, at times we forget the importance of
the act of forgiving. Perhaps reaching out to someone and expressing compassion and
offering that olive branch. Doing simple, peaceful, loving, and natural
work at this time will bring you into full alignment with yourself and with
the world of Spirits. Be ever excited as the veil thins again!

Be kind.

With Love,

The Spirit Chrysalis

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