Mar 19, 2015

Hello Beloved Souls!

OK what's going on Friday? Well first off, we have big energy changes this whole week! This week started with the last and final Uranus-Pluto square (rebellion and authenticity meets life-changing transformation) and doesn't end until the 28th. Let’s add on top of that, the Vernal Equinox (life waking up) and a Total Solar Eclipse (seeing the unseen) while the Moon goes from Dreamy Pisces to Action Aries. So what does all this mean? Get ready for some serious change!

The ancient Strega believed that when a Total Solar Eclipse happened, vortexes of energy were opened. A Solar Eclipse is when the Moon is Between the Earth and the Sun and can only happen during the New Moon. In this case, a Super New Moon. We are not able to see a New Moon because its face is totally dark, and when the Sun is directly behind it, it illuminates what is usually hidden. This not only affects us by bringing forth and clearing, or looking at, that which we’ve been hiding, even from ourselves, BUT it is also a time of great power and psychic currents.

This is the time to delve into what is not being seen at the present, to see the undercurrent of your life and others’. Some Strega Tribes believed That the ability to communicate to the Great Beyond was amplified during this time. This is a time to listen to your intuition and emotions (Moon) rather than your logic and intellect (Sun).

Now, add to that, this happens on the day of the Vernal Equinox. The ending of one astrological cycle (Aries-Pisces) and the beginning of another, the letting-go of winter, and the rising from the cold ashes, with Nature being revived again, is incredibly significant! The last time this happened was in 1662.

What this gives us is an opportunity to outgrow our old skins, our old paradigms, and our old belief systems. Just as a flower breaks through the cold ground and reaches to the heavens, so will our energy be more amplified, more sensitive, more in tune to the converging energies of our universe.

So, how can we best harmonize with this energy? Well first,‘ceremony.’ Humans are creatures of ceremony. We have morning rituals of shower and coffee, and evening rituals of dinner and relaxation. So in that spirit, create a ceremony, a ritual which represents time taken from your daily, 3rd dimensional life, and spend that time listening to things you may not usually listen to. Listen to the birds, to the wind, to your heart. Here, you activate intuitive energy for the future. You are declaring and telling the universe and yourself, you are ready.

Secondly, connect to nature. Especially with tools associated with the Sun and the Moon. Sit under a willow tree, have a cup of mugwort tea, anoint yourself with sandalwood oil, carry a moonstone in your left pocket, and a sunstone in your right pocket. The more you tune in to items associated and corresponding with the natural flow that is going on, the more energy you can run through yourself, bringing you into alignment with this magnificent event.

And third, take a candlelit bath. Perhaps eat a spicy, curry cream bisque. Write down what you wish to release, burn the paper, and scatter the ashes into a stream, river, or creek. Combining the elements of water and fire is essential right now since we leave Watery Pisces and enter Fiery Aries with both the Sun and Moon on an Equinox, when time is equal and balanced. Use these opposite elements together rather than in opposition and bring harmony into your life!

This is a time of great power, great growth, and great love. Be well. We send you much love.

Frank and Peggy

Times are CDT, March 20, 2015

Moon from Pisces to Aries 5:28am

Vernal Equinox 5:45pm

Total Solar Eclipse 2:41am- 6:50am

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