Apr 22, 2013

THE MONTH OF THE DARK MIRROR April 25th - May 25th

April 25th at 15:07-Partial eclipse with the Moon in Scorpio
May 9th at 19:26-Annular Eclipse with the Moon in Taurus
May 24th at 11:09-Penumal Eclipse in Moon in Sagittarius

AH Spring time….time to walk barefoot on dew covered grass, revel at the magic of flowers reawakening, and shake off the shadows of winter and step into the light of a new season. Though, this year in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere (especially here in Tennessee) it seemed like winter would never end. Even on the Spring Equinox it was 20 degrees below normal here in Nashville. What is going on is we, on a mass scale, are affecting the cycles of nature just as they, in turn, affect us.

Traditionally, according to Lunar calendars, a month starts at the New moon, goes through peaking at the Full Moon, and finishing and restarting at the next consecutive New Moon. This is how a month is “read”. It can also be read in what some call “reverse reading” where a month starts at the Full Moon, peaks at the New Moon, and finishes and restarts at the next consecutive Full Moon. Well, that ladies and gents, is what I’m talking about when I say we are entering the Month of the Dark Mirror.

April 25th, Brings a beautiful Full Moon in Scorpio. The Full Moon in Scorpio brings to light issues dealing with transformation, death, destruction, secrets, sex, and the psychic self. The Tarot card “The Hermit” aligns with this perfectly. Time to go within, meditate, allowing your intuition to tell you in what direction you need to go to, what needs to be looked at, as well as what issues need to permanently leave your life. This is a perfect time to release any addictions whether it is alcohol, smoking, food, or sex. Now let us add to that, the fact that this is the first of three consecutive eclipses that take place and we are in for a ride!

A Partial Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio greets us forcing us to go back into the shadows of ourselves. Most of us think of the shadows as a dark place to be. Dim and very uninviting but I want you to remember that only in the shadows does birth happen. It is only through the destruction of the old that new birth takes place. In the beginning was the nothingness, the Grand Void, the Abyss, Chaos. Out of that came a new light of life, First creation. The shadow self is where most of us create from. Our subconscious mind holds who we really are (as well as who we think we really are), what values and beliefs we hold, as well as our structure on how we perceive this world and the things and people in it. The Eclipse in Scorpio being partially in the Umbra (Shadow) nudges us to be silent. Go within, be silent, and let the healing of the release of the old take place. You may even find in your own life that people are less talkative but more moody. Most of us don’t like to be fully in touch with what we are feeling and intuiting. So, as this Eclipse in Scorpio takes place, we are being reconnected to that at a mass level and some people are not ready for that.

To fully connect with this energy, sit in silent meditation (Yeah, silent. Music and incense may only distract you from fully tuning into yourself) and while taking deep breaths tune into yourself. Tune into your physical body, your mind, your emotions, and your spiritual space. When you feel that you have gone deep into yourself, ask yourself “What is it that I have created that hinders me from moving forward?” This may not be easy to accept but remember, we are the ones we have created our realities and in order for them to fully merge with the upcoming frequencies and vibrations of the new cycle we must be fully aware of what is it that no longer serves us and take the proper steps to finally be clear of it. This may sound heavy to some but think of it as feeding your soul. We, humans, are creatures of consistency and comfort. We don’t like change unless we are creating it ourselves, but the truth of the matter is that our soul is a constantly evolving and changing entity. It needs change to grow and expand. That is what we are here to do. So in a sense, you are the only one who can feed your spirit. And in doing this you are.
Be prepared to hear things that you may not want to hear. “Toss the cigarettes”, “Toss the Twinkie”, “Toss the relationship”, etc. It’s not about the actually physical movement of this but in the realization of the lesson that was being learned. I say this because you can toss the Twinkie but if you don’t honestly become aware of the reason why you wanted the Twinkie in the first place and what was it inside you that couldn’t let it go then it does no good to release it because you haven’t learned the lesson and will only attract something else into your life…like a ho-ho. :)

That brings us to May 9th, the New Moon and the next eclipse. A solar annular eclipse in Taurus. An annular eclipse occurs when the Sun and Moon are exactly in line, but the apparent size of the Moon is smaller than that of the Sun. Hence the Sun appears as a very bright ring, or annulus, surrounding the dark disk of the Moon.

Bring on the physical change!!! The moon in Taurus is a powerful physical mover. A Taurus moon brings to light issues dealing with Love, Finances, Material Possessions, Gardening, and the Physical World. This is the time to clear that which you held onto and let it go freely. During the cycle of the Full Moon in Scorpio until now, we were digging deep into ourselves and finding out what we needed to change, and why. This was very deep reflective and meditative work. Now that we know this, it’s time to physically create the changes in our lives to clear these things out. This is the time to ask for assistance from your teams of Angels, Guides, Totems, Loved Ones that have crossed over, etc. to assist you in the complete release of that which no longer serves you AS WELL AS the complete integration of new patterns of things deserved. Yes, deserved. We deserve love, we deserve joy, and healing, prosperity, and lots and lots and lots of happiness! The Taurus Moon being powered by the Sun behind it is a powerful manifester! Think of how charged up you feel when you lay in the sun or walk outside beneath a bright and shining sun.
The Sun, bright and powerful, reaching out filling the Moon, our subconscious side, and connecting with us in a direct line! WOW! This is why it is so important to clear! How can we manifest things that we want when we are still holding onto things we think we need to put up with? We are powerful, we are sacred, we are holy.

As we finish this cycle we come to a Full in Sagittarius and a penumbral eclipse. A penumbral eclipse occurs when the Moon passes through the Earth’s penumbra. Not quite the full shadow (umbra) but not quite direct illumination of the Sun either. In between dark and light as well as being both at the same time. The Full Moon in Sagittarius deals with Spirituality, Religion, Law, Publications, Higher Learning and Education, Travel, and Truth. When this Penumbral Eclipse happens in Sagittarius, it will bring frequencies of Harmony, Unity, Truth, and Total Awareness. Many of us will feel the need to have energy work be done. The energy will pull us to connect to Spiritual work and will set the tone for the rest of the year in your life. Do what you consider spiritual at this time. Some may want to cast circles, others may want to pray, others may meditate and other may want to play piano and sing at the top of their lungs. Do whatever it is that you are designed to do. This is a very important energy because it harmonizes the contrasts in our world; light and dark, left brained and right, male and female. This will close out the month of looking in the mirror, changing what it is in me to change, and opening up to higher possibilities.

Be open. Accept the truth. We are all One, We are all Great because We Are All Source.



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