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Welcome to the New Cycle: The Return of Magic

Jan 8, 2013

So…what really happened on the Winter Solstice 2012?
From the conversation between Frank Castellano and his guide, Jah-nee

From Frank: Several days before the Solstice, I had extremely intense headaches and my aura vision became impaired. For a few days, I could not see any colors around people. After the Galactic alignment, my aura vision returned and I could now see a new, different vibration (color). I wondered if the headaches, losing my aura vision, the new vibration, and the Galactic alignment were all in some way related. Wanting to know what had really happened on December 21st, 2012, I turned to my guide Johnny (Jah-nee). The following information is the result of our conversation.

You have now ended a cycle. But with every ending, there comes a new birth. Do not be confused about new beginnings. Beginnings very rarely show up abruptly. When a new day is born it is not heralded by the sun, but by the sun's rays. The dark sky is gently changed by the light of the sun. It is later on that you truly see that change evident. Like most births, this change too, has entered like a lamb, not a lion. True transformation is subtle and always in the depths of silence. It starts within and only later is it evident in the external world. The change that has happened, the “shift” as some call it, is not the result of one day, hour, or year, but the result of much energy of “time”.

Your world is largely led by external influences. You have been told what is acceptable, what is desired, and what is popular, by your peers, your media, your parents, etc. You have relied on the outside world for comfort, acceptance, as well as direction. You have made it so important that your internal guidance system (intuition) has been dimmed. You see, the function of intuition is to assist you in seeing truth, your truth. For you can only live your truth, you cannot live someone else's. Why is this? It is because each soul is unique in its evolutionary vibration and path. What may be truth for one person may not be for another. This is to say what may be right for one may not be right for another. So the primary function of intuition is to guide you with your own language to what your soul intended to accomplish in this lifetime. Intuition largely manifests itself as psychic phenomena, something seen as supernatural, “above the ordinary, or not of the norm”. Although there is nothing that is supernatural, because all things are within the same principle, THE PRINCIPLE, that some would call God, All there is, The Universe, Spirit, etc. Nothing can be above, below, or outside THE PRINCIPLE.

That being established, intuition is seen manifested strongest in children. Children have not yet learned that listening to one’s inner-voice is “wrong” as told by the external world. Children are very aware of their feelings and intuition and tend largely to follow what they are led to do. It is only when we are taught that we cannot do this or that, or that we should behave in a certain way, or should think a certain way, that the connection to the intuition is dimmed. And eventually like everything else, when something is not used, it weakens. Children know of worlds within worlds. They speak to “imaginary” friends, have memories and thoughts of other lands and other lives, and lose track of time in the power of wonderment. Children know truth and follow it when not deviated by the external world.

I say this because the most significant change that has happened is the change within. With the alignment of the planets Venus, Mercury, Pluto, and Mars, along with the end of Precession, and the venture of the sun crossing the Galactic Equator, what has been activated is the illumination of Intuition.

Transformation is subtle and gentle. Before a big storm comes, you first notice the winds picking up, dark clouds moving in, even before the hard rain hits. Before you can eat a fruit, there must be a bud. Eventually that bud moves through the stages to become a ripened fruit. The illumination is the bud.

This age will be like the rebirth of magic. I say this because magic is a term to define the supernatural, the unexplained. But truly what is happening is that you are actually becoming more of yourselves. You are becoming children once again. Jesus spoke of this: “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” The Kingdom is within.

You have lost your path with the birth of the new power you yourself gave birth to: technology. Technology is not to blame. It has been you that has abused it and now have found validity in only that which you can prove, see, feel, hear, and touch. This power of technology has a higher purpose but most of you have lost your balance and have found a new external addition. Now is not the time to go into why you have birthed technology or its higher purpose. The reason I speak of this is to demonstrate the contrast of the child imagination and intuition, and the external influence that our technology now has on us. You are told in advertisements and on the internet what to eat, and you are also told by your intuition what to eat. Which do you choose?

Everything comes full circle. Everything in life. Whether you consider life your physical journey or your spiritual journey, everything comes back to the beginning. This is what was brought about. But this new beginning brought with it a new gift and new perspective that is arising: This is Love.

The activation started by Venus rising above the horizon on December 21st, 2012. Venus activated within each of you the value of love, the power of compassion, the strength of kindness. This quality was strengthened in each being. The power to “be love” and only that. When one is love, one does not do, say, or even think anything. Love is simply love. Love accepts what is. Love love’s. Love is the “it”ness that was illuminated first.

Then following Venus, Mercury rose and aligned with Venus. Mercury represents the power of relationships. Now, most commonly in astrology Venus represents relationships, but here, this is not about romance or physical/emotional love, it is beyond that. Mercury astrologically represents communication. Communication is the act or process of exchanging information between two or more entities. Whether this is between two people in a romantic relationship, three businesses in a merging process, or from the conscious mind to the subconscious mind, in each instance a relationship is formed, whether it is an external relationship or an internal one. Here Mercury is more than the process of communicating; it is the power that ignites relationships.

So here you have step one, Venus, being love, and step two, Mercury, communicating and relating from your being space of love. Then, Pluto arose and aligned with the others. Pluto, traditionally has been known as the God of the Underworld. This is to mean, in metaphysical terms, that the underworld is the subconscious, and not the physical space that some would call hell, limbo, etc. Pluto, astrologically is considered to be “The Great Renewer”, signifying death, rebirth, transformation, the unseen, the subtle world. Again as before, true transformation is subtle. Pluto brings about major transformation, a rebirth; a new light, our inner children have arisen.

Shortly after, we are joined by Mars. Mars joined Venus, Mercury, and Pluto at 8:24 am. Mars, the planet of passion is often seen as volatile. Named after the God of War, Mars is seen as destructive, violent, angry, and full of rage. But what Mars truly represents here is the power of Passion, Adventure, and Energy. Without passion, nothing can be born. Think of a child conceived by the desire and passion to create a new life.

The alignment of Venus, (being love), Mercury, (relating from love), Pluto, (creating transformation within the unseen because you are relating from love), and Mars, (giving the energy of passion to manifest in your physical realm), created a new activation within your physical space. From this activation new powers will arise. The childlike innocence will return and from this a new birth of magic and new abilities. You have seen some children born with remarkable abilities. Able to heal through a simple touch, “see” other life memories and future events, communicate with passed loved ones, or even trees, plants, and animals. Now comes a time when even more abilities will be born onto your physical plane. It will be brought forth at first from children. They are the most open, and will eventually awaken these abilities within all of us. Some adults have become psychically awakened at this time, but it has been limited because those who are not ready for it would become volatile. You have programmed yourself to believe that an adult who is suddenly awakened with intuitive abilities is the work of “the devil” and this would cause great discomfort for you. Children are honest, innocent, and open. This is why they are the ones who will usher in this new cycle, this new age.

As new abilities, mind frames, thought forms, and paradigms emerge, so has a new effect of the auric system. Just as in the late 1970’s, intuitives started to see a mass influx of indigo auras being present on Earth, and along with the arrival of the peaceful Crystalline energy, there is a new vibration that can be seen by some intuitives. This will be seen as a deep plum colour, aubergine, or eggplant. As new systems are formed and become more complex, so too will the aura system change. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Violet, have been joined by an increase of Indigo, then Crystal/Gold, and now Deep Purple (I like to call it Ultra-Violet). The spectrum runs red to violet then generally moves to lavender and then white. Since you are in a space of moving into deep truths, intuitive wisdom will arise within; wisdom that has been held since before there was time. Many belief systems and religions say that “in the beginning” there was nothingness, a void, or darkness, and out of that sprang life, or a big bang. The deep violet represents deep wisdom and knowledge from “the beginning”, and as with everything, comes full circle back to the beginning.

Be not mistaken, these changes are not decades away, but months, as this awakening has started. Time was created by humankind as a tool for learning. Time works differently in different dimensions. What separates different dimensions are energetic frequencies. This shift too, has affected time, and the dimensional frequency of your realm and ours has become clearer, allowing for a clearer scope of precognition, postcognition, mediumship, etc. It is not time itself that has been affected, but the way each individual soul uses time in conscious creation. Remember, at the highest state of reality, in PRINCIPLE, all has already happened, there is no past or future in PRINCIPLE. PRINCIPLE is all. All pasts, all presents, and all futures. What has been affected is our scope of time, as well as our ability to communicate to other dimensions. This will not be as affected now by the time/space continuum, seeing as you have reached a point in this evolutionary track where many have seen time as it truly is, a tool. There is no future, present, or past. There is just “is-ness”, outside the confines of time.

The act of conscious creation and physical manifestation has quickened. You create with ‘thought forms’ (emotional and mental alignment). Turn them and align them with the Being-ness of Love and your physical manifestations will solidify at a higher rate. There is more to come. That is all for now.

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